Real Estate, in a round about way.

I had totally forgotten that I had started a blog. Well I have kicked myself and will now get it in gear. I will try to write about Real Estate, in a round about way. Not trying to jam my listings down anyone’s throat.

Have you outgrown your home? Has your home outgrown you? As a licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon, it’s obvious I would like to sell you a new home. But sometimes buying just isn’t going to happen. So, what can we do to help our problem with home size?
Let’s look at storage options. Now anyone can go to Walmart or Lowe’s and buy storage containers. But what do the really creative homeowners do?
Do you need room for a home office? I know I do. What about some of these ideas:

Office in a box?

Office in a box?






What do you think?


12000 NE Honey Ln.  Newberg Or 97132

12000 NE Honey Ln. Newberg Or 97132

Listed at $430,000

Listed at $430,000


About KathyBlanchard, Realtor

I am a full service Realtor in Newberg, Oregon. I specialize in Yamhill County, but I can work anywhere in Oregon for your relocation needs. My family moved to this beautiful wine country in 2008 and love it here. I have a love for the history and mystery in old homes. My husband and I play golf and have logged many thousands of miles on a motorcycle.
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