May 9th 2011

Finnegan’s Mill
2810 Portland Rd
Newberg,  Or 97132
The remnants of a large coast redwood have been
transformed into an ode to Oregon’s once great logging industry and a man who
for many years drew his livelihood from that business.   A 12 feet tall carving
of an old-time logger, holding a six-foot crosscut saw with his head festooned
with the felt hat typical at the turn of the 20th century, was completed
Thursday adjacent to Finnigan’s Mill restaurant. We will miss the big tree when it comes time to decorate for Christmas. Drive by and check out Newberg’s newest attraction.
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99W Drive-in Theater

You can enjoy an old-fashioned drive-in theatre in Newberg at the 99W Drive-In Theatre.  This theatre opened originally in 1953.  It is one of only four drive-ins left in operation in
3110 Portland Road
Newberg, OR  97132
(503) 538-2738

Roger’s Landing

Come for the Memorial weekend boat races

Newberg is home to one of Oregon’s premier boating facilities on the majestic Willamette River.  This park offers expansive parking and a three-lane boat launch. From land or water, Rogers Landing is one of Yamhill County’s top recreational resources. Many enjoy strolling the docks at sunset or scanning the skies for blue heron, osprey, kingfishers, or migrating geese. Located on the river’s “Newberg Pool”, the park is especially popular with water skiers. In spring, fishermen brave the rain to catch salmon near Ash Island, just south of the park. Rogers Landing will be a key stop on the Willamette River Water Trail, a route that will tour canoers and kayakers from Corvallis to Wilsonville, with opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring along the way.


About KathyBlanchard, Realtor

I am a full service Realtor in Newberg, Oregon. I specialize in Yamhill County, but I can work anywhere in Oregon for your relocation needs. My family moved to this beautiful wine country in 2008 and love it here. I have a love for the history and mystery in old homes. My husband and I play golf and have logged many thousands of miles on a motorcycle.
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