May 1st 2011

I don’t usually get in to politics and government issues with anyone but myself.  But they say on the news tonight that Bin Laden is dead. I have to say that it has been a long time coming. He caused way more heartache and deaths besides the 9/11 attacks. The service men and women that have died, the families left here while loved ones fight, the money our country has shelled out to keep our troups supplied and overseas. Good ridence Bin Laden, and let’s get our troops home where they belong.

Did you know the Newbergs  motto is: A Great Place To Grow.  I second that!!!!


About KathyBlanchard, Realtor

I am a full service Realtor in Newberg, Oregon. I specialize in Yamhill County, but I can work anywhere in Oregon for your relocation needs. My family moved to this beautiful wine country in 2008 and love it here. I have a love for the history and mystery in old homes. My husband and I play golf and have logged many thousands of miles on a motorcycle.
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