I have always had a love of old homes, their histories, their secrets. Do you know who might have lived in your home before you? Does your home have a secret door? What’s buried in the yard or hidden in the attic? There just isn’t anything better then the mysteries they hold. My dream has always been to be able to go into the attic of a home lived in for generations and poke through the ‘memories and stuff ‘ left behind. 

Can you imagine what tales and mysteries could be found in this home at 115 S River St? Herbert Hoover (yes the president)lived here in Newberg, in this house from 1885-1889. But I think over the years someone has already found all it’s secrets. I will have to find another house to search.


About KathyBlanchard, Realtor

I am a full service Realtor in Newberg, Oregon. I specialize in Yamhill County, but I can work anywhere in Oregon for your relocation needs. My family moved to this beautiful wine country in 2008 and love it here. I have a love for the history and mystery in old homes. My husband and I play golf and have logged many thousands of miles on a motorcycle.
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